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zvault-remove(1) -- Remove a backup or a subtree


zvault remove [OPTIONS] <BACKUP>


This subcommand removes a backup or a backup subtree BACKUP.

The backup or backup subtree given by BACKUP must be in the format [repository]::backup_name[::subtree] as described in zvault(1). If repository is omitted, the default repository location is used instead.

If a backup is referenced, this backup will be deleted. If a subtree is given, the backup is instead rewritten to not include that subtree anymore.

If a folder of backups is referenced by BACKUP the flag --force must be set in order to remove all backups in that folder (also recursively).

Note: When removing backup subtrees, the meta information of that backup is left unchanged and still contains the data (e.g. duration and size) of the original backup run.

This command renders certain chunks unused, but reclaiming their space is a complicated task as chunks are combined into bundles together with other chunks which are potentially still used. Please use zvault-vacuum(1) to reclaim unused space.

Important note: Although this command does not actually remove any data, the data of the deleted backups becomes inaccessible and can not be restored.


  • -f, --force:

    Remove multiple backups in a backup folder

  • -q, --quiet:

    Print less information

  • -v, --verbose:

    Print more information

  • -h, --help:

    Prints help information

  • -V, --version:

    Prints version information

Copyright (C) 2017 Dennis Schwerdel This software is licensed under GPL-3 or newer (see