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zvault-diff(1) -- Display differences between two backup versions


zvault diff [OPTIONS] <OLD> <NEW>


This subcommand lists all differences between the two backups or a backup subtrees OLD and NEW.

The backups or backup subtrees given by OLD and NEW must be in the format [repository]::backup_name[::subtree] as described in zvault(1). If repository is omitted, the default repository location is used instead.

The differences will be reported in the format of added, modified, and deleted files and directories. If some file or directory is present in NEW but not in OLD, it will be reported as added (add) and if it is present in OLD but not in NEW, it will be reported as deleted (del). If a file is present in both versions but got modified between both versions it will be reported as modified (mod).


  • -q, --quiet:

    Print less information

  • -v, --verbose:

    Print more information

  • -h, --help:

    Prints help information

  • -V, --version:

    Prints version information

Copyright (C) 2017 Dennis Schwerdel This software is licensed under GPL-3 or newer (see