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zvault-algotest(1) -- Test a specific algorithm combination


zvault algotest [OPTIONS] <FILE>


This subcommand tests a specific combination of algorithms on a given input FILE.

The subcommand exists to help users compare and select algorithms and configuration options when creating a repository with zvault-init(1) or changing its configuration via zvault-config(1).

The given algorithms will be used to simulate a backup run and determine the efficiency and performance of each used algorithm as well as their combination.

The input file FILE is used as sample data during the test and should be selected to be representative for the envisioned use case. Good examples of such files can be tar files of system images or parts of a home folder. Please note, that the input file is read into memory completely in order to factor out the hard drive speed of the analysis.

The options are exactly the same as for zvault-init(1).


  • --bundle-size <SIZE>:

    Set the target bundle size in MiB (default: 25). Please see zvault(1) for more information on bundle size.

  • --chunker <CHUNKER>:

    Set the chunker algorithm and target chunk size (default: fastcdc/16). Please see zvault(1) for more information on chunkers and possible values.

  • -c, --compression <COMPRESSION>:

    Set the compression method and level (default: brotli/3). Please see zvault(1) for more information on compression and possible values.

  • -e, --encrypt:

    Generate a keypair and enable encryption. Please see zvault(1) for more information on encryption.

  • --hash <HASH>:

    Set the hash method (default: blake2). Please see zvault(1) for more information on hash methods and possible values.

  • -q, --quiet:

    Print less information

  • -v, --verbose:

    Print more information

  • -h, --help:

    Prints help information

  • -V, --version:

    Prints version information

Copyright (C) 2017 Dennis Schwerdel This software is licensed under GPL-3 or newer (see