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zvault-list(1) -- List backups or backup contents


zvault list <PATH>


This subcommand lists all backups or backup contents of the repository or backup specified by PATH.

The repository, backup or backup subtree given by PATH must be in the format [repository][::backup_name[::subtree]] as described in zvault(1).

If PATH specifies a repository, all backups of this repository are listed.

If PATH specifies a backup or a backup subtree, all contents of this folder are displayed. In the case of a backup, the contents of its root folder are displayed.

zvault-info(1) can be used to display more information on single entities.

Note that zvault-mount(1) can be used to make backups accessible as a filesystem which is faster than zvault-list(1) for multiple listings.


  • -h, --help:

    Prints help information

Copyright (C) 2017 Dennis Schwerdel This software is licensed under GPL-3 or newer (see LICENSE.md)