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zvault-config(1) -- Display or change the configuration


zvault config <REPO>


This subcommand displays or changes the configuration of the repository REPO. The configuration can be changes using the options described below. If no options are set, the current configuration is displayed. Otherwise, the configuration is changed as specified and then displayed.

Beware that the chunker algorithm, chunk size and hash method should not be changed on existing repositories already containing many backups. If those values are changed, new backups will not be able to use existing data for deduplication. This can waste lots of storage space and most likely outweighs the expected benefits.

The values for bundle size, compression and encryption only affect new data and can be changed at any time without any drawback.


  • --bundle-size <SIZE>:

    Set the target bundle size in MiB (default: 25). Please see zvault(1) for more information on bundle size.

  • --chunker <CHUNKER>:

    Set the chunker algorithm and target chunk size (default: fastcdc/16). Please see zvault(1) for more information on chunkers and possible values.

  • -c, --compression <COMPRESSION>:

    Set the compression method and level (default: brotli/3). Please see zvault(1) for more information on compression and possible values.

  • -e, --encryption <PUBLIC_KEY>:

    Use the given public key for encryption. The key must be a valid public key encoded as hexadecimal. Please use zvault-genkey(1) to generate keys and zvault-addkey(1) to add keys to the repository.

    If none is given as public key, encryption is deactivated.

    Warning: ZVault does not verify that the matching secret key which is needed for decryption is known.

    Please see zvault(1) for more information on encryption.

  • --hash <HASH>:

    Set the hash method (default: blake2). Please see zvault(1) for more information on hash methods and possible values.

  • -h, --help:

    Prints help information

Copyright (C) 2017 Dennis Schwerdel This software is licensed under GPL-3 or newer (see LICENSE.md)