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This project follows semantic versioning.


  • [added] Added CHANGELOG
  • [added] Locking local repository to avoid index corruption
  • [added] Storing user/group names in backups
  • [modified] No longer trying to upload by rename
  • [modified] No longer failing restore if setting file attributes fails
  • [fixed] Creating empty bundle cache on init to avoid warnings
  • [fixed] Calling sodiumoxide::init for faster algorithms and thread safety (not needed)
  • [fixed] Fixed a deadlock in the bundle upload code
  • [fixed] Also setting repository dirty on crash
  • [fixed] Ignoring missing backups folder
  • [fixed] Fixed problems with uploads from relative repository paths
  • [fixed] Fixed finished messages

v0.1.0 (2017-04-11)

First working alpha release

This release features the main functionality:

  • Initializing repository
    • Generating a key on the fly
    • Import existing repository
  • Creating backups
    • Partial backups
    • Deduplication
    • Compression
    • Encryption
    • From tar files
    • Support for file permissions, file date and extended attributes
  • Restoring backups
    • Full or subtrees
    • To tar files
  • Mounting backups or the whole repository
  • Removing backups
    • Full or only specific subtrees
    • By date (prune subcommand)
  • Check integrity
    • Repository
    • Bundles
    • Index
    • Backups
    • Inode trees
  • Vacuum
    • By ratio
  • Listing & Info methods
    • Repository info
    • Backup info/list
    • Directory list, Inode info
    • Bundle list and info
  • Utility commands
    • analyze: analyze chunk usage
    • Key management commands (addkey, genkey)
    • algotest: algorithm testing
    • versions: find versions of a file
    • diff: Find differences between backups
    • config: Getting and setting config options
  • Command line client
    • Powerful argument parsing
    • Nice colorful error messages
    • Progress bars
    • Man pages for main commands
  • Special functionality
    • Shared repositories