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Minio Cloudron App

This repository contains the Cloudron app package source for Minio.



or using the Cloudron command line tooling

cloudron install --appstore-id io.minio.cloudronapp


The app package can be built using the Cloudron command line tooling.

cd minio-app

cloudron build
cloudron install


The e2e tests are located in the test/ folder and require nodejs. They are creating a fresh build, install the app on your Cloudron, perform tests, backup, restore and test if the repos are still ok. The tests expect port 29418 to be available.

cd minio-app/test

npm install
PATH=$PATH:node_modules/.bin mocha --bail test.js


MinIO Console is an embedded web-based object browser built into MinIO Server

Multi-domain env var can be set to server DNS style requests as . This requires the platform code to set aliases for the httpPorts and not the primaryport.