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DEPENDENCIES=debhelper devscripts
.PHONY: default
default: clean build
.PHONY: build
build: libsquash_*.deb $(PACKAGE)_*.deb
(cd libsquash; make clean; debuild -b -us -uc; cd ..)
$(PACKAGE)_*.deb: $(PACKAGE)/man/* $(PACKAGE)/zvault
(cd $(PACKAGE); make clean; debuild -b -us -uc; cd ..)
.PHONY: clean
(cd $(PACKAGE); debuild clean; cd ..)
rm -rf $(PACKAGE)_*
(cd libsquash; debuild clean; cd ..)
rm -rf libsqash_*
$(PACKAGE)/man/*: ../docs/man/*
cp ../docs/man/* $(PACKAGE)/man
$(PACKAGE)/zvault: ../target/release/zvault
cp ../target/release/zvault $(PACKAGE)/zvault
../target/release/zvault: ../src/*.rs ../Cargo.toml
(cd ..; cargo build --release)