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Dennis Schwerdel 6 years ago
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@ -40,6 +40,25 @@ from their header and this information is not verified.
If `--index` is set, the integrity of the index and its contents will be checked
before checking any backups.
If `--repair` is set, zVault will try to repair and rebuild things instead of
failing when problems are detected. The repair process will rebuild all local
repository components (index, bundle cache, bundle map) when problems are
identified with them.
If any bundle is broken, a new bundle is created with as much of the readable
data of that bundle as possible. The old bundle is not removed but gets the file
extension `.bundle.broken`.
If any backup is broken, a new backup is created with a much of the readable
files and directories of that backup as possible. The old backup is not removed
but gets the file extension `.backup.broken`.
Please note the destructive nature of the repair process as it removes all
references to data that has been corrupted in order to make the rest of the data
accessible again. To make this process reversible, the old data is kept and just
Manual computer forensics might be able to restore some of the corrupt or
inaccessible data that repair can not restore automatically.
Please note that any run of _zvault-vacuum(1)_ will remove any intact data that
has become inaccessible.
@ -59,6 +78,11 @@ before checking any backups.
Also check the integrity of the index and its contents.
* `-r`, `--repair`:
Try to repair broken bundles, backups and rebuild local data when necessary.
* `-h`, `--help`:
Prints help information